School Hours

Early Childhood - Kindergarten & Pre-Primary

8.20am     Students can enter classrooms (time to prepare for the day)

8.35am     School begins

2.45pm     End of school day

Kindergarten Group A, C & E         Monday, Wednesday and every even week Friday

Kindergarten Group B, D & F         Tuesday, Thursday and every odd week Friday

Year 1 - 6

8.30am     Students can enter classrooms (time to prepare for the day)

8.50am     School begins

10.40am - 11.00am  Recess

12.40pm - 1.20pm  Lunch

3.00pm     End of school day

For the safety of students, they should only come to school when the classrooms open for students (times shown above). Parents we ask for your assistance in ensuring children arrive on time and promptly collecting children at the end of the school day (times shown above). Children who cannot be off the school grounds by 3.10pm should be registered with OSHClub.

School Gates

Gates to the school will be locked while school is in session.

Leaving School Grounds

Parents collecting children before the end of a school day must complete a Department of Education Standardised Leave Pass which is available from the administration office. 

Late Arrivals

Parents delivering children late to school must collect a Late Note from the administration office which is then taken to the class by the student.