Newsletter 16


Last Friday I met with Hon. Reece Whitby MLA, member for Baldivis and a number of other representatives to discuss the safety issues during pickup and drop off of students. We walked around the school so that all attendees could gain an understanding of each of the concerns we have. We are in the process of working with the Department of Education on a plan to redevelop the land on the western side of the school to establish more car bays and a Kiss and Drive. We also need to ensure that we maximise the amount of land for future transportable buildings. When the plan has been developed I will share it with the P&C and School Board.


Parents are reminded that the canteen will only be open on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from this week on. All orders are to be done through Quickcliq as there will be no over the counter orders being taken. This is because Mrs Horsten does not have the time to take orders as well as prepare the food for the day. Students can still use cash to purchase ice creams at lunch time on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Next week the school will be conducting a Bushfire Drill in preparation for the bushfire season. In today’s newsletter we have included information to parents about our plan and the actions we intend to take should the school be threatened by bushfire. I ask that you read this carefully and place the information in a convenient location for future reference. You will also be able to access this information through our school website.


Some Year Six students from Wellard PS will be attending Gilmore College on Tuesday 2nd November as part of their transition from primary school to high school. Students will attend Gilmore for the day and have the opportunity of experiencing a wide range of educational experiences.


Parents and carers are reminded that we have a School Development Day on Friday 26th November. Students DO NOT attend on this day as staff will be planning for 2022.


This will be conducted this week on Thursday 4th November and Friday 5th November at Wellard Oval on Abingdon Crescent, Wellard. Best of luck to all of our competitors.

Kind regards

Geoff Miller




This week on Thursday, 4th November and Friday, 5th November, selected students from Wellard Primary School will be representing the school in the KSSA Interschool Athletics. Thursday will consist of jumps, throws and long distance running for Years 4 to 6. Friday will be the Interschool Carnival with competitors from Years 1 to 6.

On Thursday, 11th November, the Wellard Primary School Boys Cricket Team will play in the regional finals at Yokine Reserve. In Term 1, the Boys team won the Kwinana Division to progress to the regional finals and in the process, became the first representative cricket team from Wellard Primary School to do so.

We wish all our students the best of luck at these events.

Kind regards,

David McIntyre and Matthew Paparone.

Physical Education Specialists

Term 4 Week 3 Assembly




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  Parent Information – 2021 / 2022

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

This information is based on the Wellard Primary School’s Bushfire Plan. This letter is to inform you of the procedures that the school has put in place in the event of a bushfire.

Bushfire Plan 2021/2022 Summary

This plan is for Wellard Primary School and has been designed to assist staff to prepare for a total fire ban, a catastrophic fire danger rating or a bushfire.  The safety and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors is at all times our main priority.

The Bushfire Plan outlines required actions to prepare the school for the bushfire season.

The Bushfire Plan also outlines activities to be undertaken by staff and students at the different levels of a bushfire emergency including:

  • on days of Total Fire Ban;
  • a catastrophic fire danger rating;
  • when there is a fire in the local district;
  • when a bushfire is threatening or impacting on the site; and
  • during the period immediately after a bushfire has impacted on the site (known as the ‘Recovery Phase’).

Preparing for Bushfire Season

We will:

  • ensure that staff and parents are advised about the Bushfire Plan.
  • engage in practice drills which will be undertaken in Terms 1, 3 and 4 each year.

Pre-emptive Closure

  • The Department’s Incident Controller (normally the Deputy Director General, Public Schools or delegated officer) will make the decision to close a school based on advice from emergency services and this will be relayed to the Principal via the Regional Executive Director.
  • The Principal is to notify staff and parents of closure using emergency contacts through SMS and ABC Radio. 
  • All other necessary parties are advised, including, but not limited to, other schools that may have siblings at the school, community users of the school facilities (including before and after school care, or holiday programs, community kindergartens, on site contractors, Parents and Citizens Association and/or school council).
  • If appropriate, bus contractors will be contacted to arrange for the evacuation of students to a designated area. Parents will be informed of locations via SMS and ABC Radio.
  • Notice of Planned Temporary School Closure will occur on the school site and electronically on the website.

NOTE: DFES uses the national Emergency Alert system to send community warning messages via mobile telephones in affected areas. (Information can be obtained from

Safer Location Procedure – school to remain on site on advice from DFES

Principal will advise staff of a bushfire through the school’s PA system. Teachers will then escort students to the safe sites of the school which are the TB2, TB3 and TB4 wet areas and Library.

  • Doors, roof vents and windows must be closed and evaporative air coolers turned off
  • Principal or delegated staff to monitor official communication channels to enable informed decisions to be made.
  • All classes to remain within the designated Safer Building Location.
  • Teachers account for each child and identify students and support staff with known respiratory conditions.
  • Fire wardens are designated to manage evacuation routes and liaise with staff.
  • The Principal and fire wardens will control this response and must liaise with DFES or emergency services as soon as possible.
  • Students and adults with known respiratory conditions will be identified and given special consideration.

During Evacuation

  • The school will contact the Regional Executive Director and the Department’s Media Unit.
  • The school will contact parents via SMS and email. Parents are to ensure a mobile phone number is provided to the school.  Parents are asked not to contact the school unless an emergency situation has arisen.
  • The school will notify bus contractors and other users of the evacuation drop off sites.

Parent Access

  • Parents are advised NOT to pick up students from the school.
  • Parents are to monitor local media for specific access information.
  • The official broadcaster of Emergency Events is ABC radio. They will provide up to date information during a bushfire event in the area.
  • The DFES website provides up to date information on fire events. Please refer to

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss any concerns you may have on 9553 0600.

Kind regards

Mr Geoff Miller


2nd November 2021

Mega Raffle

Win a share in $1000 of prizes.


Ticket books have been issued to each family on Monday 18th (check the kids school bags!!)

What you need to do:

  1. Post unwanted Mega Raffle tickets in the administration drop box ASAP so the tickets can be allocated to others wanting to sell extra tickets, this helps us ensure that we can raise as much money as possible to help our school grow.
  2. Sell tickets to family and friends.
  3. Fill in the enclosed form.
  4. Use supplied envelope.
  5. Return ALL ticket stubs and cash to administration drop box.
  6. Want to purchase the whole booklet online? 1. Go to 2. Select Events and follow the prompts to place an order.


The P&C along with Linda Hortsen, Canteen Manager would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who have so generously given their time this term.

Unfortunately, major changes need to take place with the how the canteen is run to ensure this service is viable for all at Wellard Primary.

The following changes will occur as on Wednesday 3rd of November;

  • There will be no over the counter cash sales before school, all orders must be done on Quickcliq. Parents will need to set up their own account (if you haven’t already done so).
  • All orders for recess and lunch must be done via Quickcliq. No over the counter cash sales at recess or lunch time other than ice creams on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunch.
  • The current menu will be simplified.
  • There will be price increases to ensure the canteen is self-sustaining.
  • Some menu items will have a weekly allocation once this is filled the item will no longer be available to order, to ensure wastage is reduced.

Canteen Volunteers

We are still looking for volunteers, If you have 2- hrs you could give 1x a term we would love to hear from you.

Next Meeting

We would love to see new members at our next meeting Monday 29th November at 6.15pm in the Staff Room.