Newsletter 1, Term 1, Week 2


Welcome back to 2023 at Wellard Primary School!!  I would sincerely like to thank staff, students and parents for such a smooth start to the school year. It was such a delight to see all the children’s smiling faces as they arrived at their classrooms on the first couple of days of school. The beginning of the year is such an exciting time and, across our school, we are quite intentional in the ways that we support children to transition to their new teacher and quickly learn to love being at school. The school has a really good feel about it and we are all looking forward to another excellent year. I just hope we have past the worse of Covid-19 and that we will have the opportunity to return to normality, fingers crossed!!

Having spent two days with all staff prior to the students returning, I am extremely proud of the quality of teachers, education assistants and non-teaching staff we have at Wellard - they are truly second to none. If I had three pieces of advice to give to parents and carers, it would be: 1. ‘talk to your child’s teacher,’ 2. ‘talk to your child’s teacher,’ 3. ‘talk to your child’s teacher.’ They are a great resource for you and they want your child to be successful as much as you do. This is a message I emphasise at the beginning of every year.


We have commenced the school year with 846 students (690 families) from Years K – Year 6 making up 36 classes. A total of 24 new staff (teaching and non-teaching) have been appointed at the beginning of this year. These staff have been bolded in the staff list below. A special welcome to all, we are certainly looking forward to having you aboard and adding significant value to our school.


Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation when dropping off and picking up your children. It is most important that we just accept that picking up your child after school may take up to 15 minutes. I encourage those families who live close to school to walk or ride to try and reduce congestion.

Parents of Yr 1 – 6 students are encouraged to use the “Kiss and Drive” on Jasper Bend. I did send a Connect notice home last week explaining the use of the “Kiss and Drive” amongst other issues relating to the congestion. Please note there is an indefinite delay on the new car park as we are waiting for NBN services to be moved so that the project can continue.


A temporary footpath has been put in place along the school side of McWhirter Promenade so that students and parents can now use the path without going on to the road. The developer does apologise for the inconvenience due to the issues around the NBN cabling.


Newsletters will be published every fortnight on a Tuesday and will be distributed via Connect and our school website. This newsletter is quite lengthy as I want to inform the school community of many organisational matters associated with a new school year. Future newsletters should only be 4 - 5 pages in length.


Wellard Primary School is to be a high performing school that is renowned for its commitment to meeting the educational and individualised needs of its students. In partnership with the school community we aim to deliver a high quality diverse learning program in a caring, nurturing and technology rich learning environment that ensures all students have the opportunity to become successful learners, creative and confident individuals and people who make a positive contribution to the world.


  • Every student is entitled to receive a quality education in a nurturing caring environment
  • Every minute of every lesson counts
  • Quality teaching produces higher performing students
  • Explicit teaching practices contribute to quality teaching and learning
  • The school works in partnership with parents and guardians to maximise learning and social outcomes
  • Literacy and Numeracy are our core business as they form the foundation of learning in all other Learning Areas
  •      A focus on the implementation of effective      literacy and numeracy strategies in K – 2 will            form a solid foundation for future learning.
  •      Technology will be used to enhance learning and satisfy the curiosity of students.


Wellard Primary School aims for parents and carers to feel welcome, to be listened to, to be actively involved and supported in their child’s education and to support the school in providing the best possible education for their children.


The Wellard P&C will be conducting their Annual General Meeting on Monday 20th February (Week 4) commencing at 1.40pm in the Staff Room and finishing by 2.40pm. This will enable parents to attend the meeting and then pick up their children immediately afterwards. It is great to see we have plenty of interested people willing to fill the positions on the P&C Executive Committee. Instead of sitting in your vehicle, come inside and be part of the P&C.


The Wellard P&C are holding a fundraiser on Tuesday 14 February 2023.  Please wear red or pink and bring along your gold coin donation.


I would like to thank and acknowledge our gardener and cleaners for the great job they did over the holiday period.  It is great to have a work environment which is clean and tidy.  We are most fortunate to have Ms Donelle Fontana (Head Cleaner), Ms Vilma Mendoza (Cleaner), Ms Annette Nevermann (Cleaner), Ms Judith Mamansag, Shirley Evangelista and Mr Ivan Ricci (Gardener).  All of these make a significant contribution to our school and go beyond what is expected in their everyday duties.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated.


Our first assembly will be conducted on Friday 24th February by Miss Foster’s class (Rm 15, Yr 4) in the Assembly Area commencing at 8.50am. We are still in the process of organising the timetabling of the remaining assemblies for 2023. This will be released very shortly. A big thank you to Miss Foster in volunteering to present our first assembly.



Mr Geoff Miller


Ms Rebecca Lanzel

Deputy Principal

Mr Lincoln Matrozis

Deputy Principal

Mrs Jess Gibson

Deputy Principal

Mrs Deanne Tabone

Manager of Corporate Services

Mrs Marina Claasen

School Officer

Mrs Kelly Meheux

School Officer (M,T,W,Th)

Mrs Leanne Fitzgerald

School Officer (F)

Mrs Jane Rogers

Library Officer

Mr Ivan Ricci

Gardener (Tues & Fri)

Mrs Donelle Noonan

Cleaner in Charge

Ms Vilma Mandoza


Ms Annette Nevermann


Ms Judith Mamansag


Ms Shirlita Evangelista


Ms Katie Tunnacliffe

Teacher EC 1 Kindergarten Groups A & B

Miss Stacey Loe

K Education Assistant EC 1

Ms Caroline D’Mellow

Teacher EC 2 Kindergarten Groups C & D

Mrs Deborah Chalmers

K Education Assistant EC 2 (T,Th,F)

Mrs Alison Hoeberigs

K Education Assistant EC 2 (M,W,F)

Miss Alanna D”Asciano

Teacher EC 3 Kindergarten Groups E & F

Mrs Helen Benson

PP Education Assistant EC 3

Mrs Mel Sayer

Teacher EC 4 Pre-Primary

Mrs Bhagyashri Katamble

PP Education Assistant EC 4 (M,T,W)

Mrs Angela Whisson

PP Education Assistant EC 4 (Th, F)

Mrs Taylor Markham 

Teacher EC 5 Pre-Primary

Ms Justine Iucalano

PP Education Assistant EC 5

Miss Shailey Rushton

Teacher EC 6 Pre-primary

Miss Ash Simms

PP Education Assistant EC 6 (m.T.W.Th)

Miss Angelica Tapnio

PP Education Assistant EC 6 (F)

Miss Meg Gallager

Teacher EC 7 Pre-primary

Mrs Deb Bywater

PP Education Assistant EC 7

Ms Leesa Wallen

Teacher EC8 Pre-primary

Ms Tracy McDermott

PP Education Assistant EC 8

Mrs Janelle Sewell

Teacher K/PP Support Teacher (T,Th,F)

Miss Ebony Kursar

Teacher K/PP Support Teacher

Miss Erindra Balage

Teacher K/PP Support Teacher

Miss Samara Fry

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 8

Miss Caitlyn Roper

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 7

Miss Clancy Micale

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 3

Miss Suzy Chessell

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 4

Mrs Melissa Gwatkins

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 22

Mrs Mia Cammarano

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 23 (M.T.W)

Mrs Sonia Bradfield

Teacher Yr 1 Rm 23 (Th,F)

Mrs Deb De Groot

Education Assistant Junior Primary

Miss Natasha Griffin

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 1

Mrs Gemma Johnson

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 2 (M,T,W)

Mrs Tanya Stevens

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 2 (T, F)

Mrs Elyce Neidig

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 24

Miss Sophia Matier

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 25

Miss Sarah Kent

Teacher Yr 2 Rm 26

Miss Sophie Baker

Teacher Yr 2/3 Rm 27

Mr Zac Van Berkel

Teacher Yr 3 Rm 5

Miss Victoria Cahill

Teacher Yr 3 Rm 6

Mrs Glenda Tucker

Teacher Yr 3 Rm 12

Miss Josie Kearney

Teacher Yr 3 Rm 13

Miss Remy Barrett

Teacher Yr 4 Rm 14

Miss Jessica Foster

Teacher Yr 4 Rm 15

Miss Nicole Rindel

Teacher Yr 4 Rm 16

Mrs Amy Ballard

Teacher Yr 4 Rm 17

Mrs Jessica Hodges

Teacher Yr 5 Rm 18

Miss Geordie Fletcher

Teacher Yr 5 Rm 19

Mrs Megan Kranse

Teacher Yr 5 Rm 20

Mrs Alanna Matrozis

Teacher Yr 6 Rm 9

Miss Nina Scheer

Teacher Yr 6 Rm 10

Miss Amy Della Bosca

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Kelly Coull

Special Needs Education Assistant (M,T,W)

Mrs Angela Whisson

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Erica Mutch

Special Needs Education Assistant

Miss Kaitlynn Shoppee

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Nicole Radcliffe

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Alexis Edkins

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Deepthi Sanalpa

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Shamila Alam

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mrs Anastazja Saunders

Special Needs Education Assistant

Mr Matthew Paparone

Teacher Physical Education

Mr David McIntyre

Teacher Physical Education

Ms Ash Alden

Teacher Music

Miss Anna Clay

Bounce Back Teacher (M,T,W)

Mrs Rachel Petterwood

Bounce Back Teacher (T, F)

Mrs Rochelle Protzman

Teacher Visual Arts (M,T,W,Th)

Mr Chris Pickering

Teacher Visual Arts (F)

Mrs Kylea Singleton

Science Teacher

Mrs Sarah Le Provost

Coach/Support Teacher (T,W,Th)

Mrs Kayleigh Hart

Literacy Intervention Coordinator

Miss Keelley Bradshaw

School Psychologist (Th & F)

Miss Sinead O’Dae

School Chaplain (M,W)

Mrs Linda Horsten

Canteen Manager


These have not occurred over the last two years due to Covid-19. This year we will return to having face to face parent meetings in Weeks 3 & 4 of this term. Information about these meetings will be out shortly.


Students in Years 1 – 6 will access specialist programs in Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Bounce Back (Social & Emotional Program) and Science. In total, students will have access to 300 minutes of these learning areas.


In the morning, gates and bike racks will be opened at 8.15am and then locked at 8.50am. In the afternoon gates and bike racks will be opened at 2.40pm and locked at 3.15pm. The gate to the left of Teaching Block 2 (left of admin building) will be open before and after school for OSHClub. This is only to be used by those families accessing before and after school care.


Students arriving at school (without parents) between 8.15am – 8.30am are to sit in between the library and Teaching Block 4 where they can be supervised. Students arriving with parents can sit outside their classroom until doors are opened at 8.30am.


Parents can access OSHClub on 0458 001 770 to access outside school hours care before and after school. You can enrol online via


A reminder that our Canteen Manager, Mrs Linda Horsten, now opens the canteen for four days per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The canteen menu is attached to this newsletter. Please note you are able to place online orders through Quickclik.


Parents are asked to ensure that students come to school with all of the stationery items as per the booklist.  If students do not have the appropriate items they are at a disadvantage and become anxious because everyone else has the right equipment and they don’t.


It is fabulous to see all of our students wearing the school uniform to school. Students are reminded that they are required to wear a hat at all times at recess and lunch. Please ensure all items of clothing (especially jackets and hats) are clearly labelled. Uniforms and hats can be purchased online through Uniform Concepts (


As per school policy, parents are reminded not to send in any food in celebration of their child’s Birthday. This is because we have an ever increasing number of students with allergies, and as a school we need to guarantee their safety, health and wellbeing. Also, our Healthy, Food and Drinks Policy requires us to provide children with healthy food at every opportunity. Consequently, we will be acknowledging each child’s birthday (provided the child wants this) in a variety ways depending on the age of the children. This will be initiated by the actions of the teacher not parents.


The following times operate for Yr 1 –  6 children:

8.30am                Classroom Doors are to be opened

8.40am                Warning siren – students to                       organise themselves.

8.50am                School commences

10.40-11.00am   Morning Recess

12.40pm              Lunch

1.17pm                Toilet/drink/ return to class

1.20pm                Lessons commence

3.00pm               End of Day

Kindergarten and Pre-primary students are to arrive at school between 8.20 – 8.35am with school commencing at 8.35am. There is some leniency around these times for the first two weeks of school until such time as students have settled into their classrooms. Students in K & PP finish at 2.45pm. I ask that if parents then go and wait outside an older sibling’s classroom that the noise is kept to a minimum so the teaching and learning program is not interrupted in surrounding classrooms.

Parents are reminded that students should not arrive at school before 8.15am unless they have made prior arrangement with Administration or are attending OSHClub.


Payment of Voluntary Contributions is now due. Funds raised through these contributions are used to purchase resources etc. to complement the educational programs we run throughout the school. Thank you to those families who have already paid their contributions. As a school we are always conscious of the costs we seek from parents in relation to educational activities.

Kindergarten – Year 6 - $60 per child per year.

Our preferred way of payment is by using our Qkr App, please see attached PDF for details.

School contributions can also be paid at the office or by direct deposit:

Account Name: Wellard Primary School

(Please use the student’s surname as reference)

BSB: 066 040    Account Number 19901412



Term1 Wednesday 1st February – Thursday 6th April

Term2 Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June

Term3 Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd September

Term4 Monday 9th October - Thursday 14th December


Term 1 -  Monday 30th January and

               Tuesday 31st January

Term 2 – Friday 2nd June (Week 6)

Term 3 – Monday 14th August (Week 5)

Term 4 – Friday 24th November (Week 7) and

               Friday 15th December (Week 10)


A copy of our Term Planner will be sent out to parents/carers via Connect in the next week. The Term Planner can also be found on our school website at


Thanks everyone and have a great year!

Geoff Miller




Welcome back to our amazing students and a big hello to new ones!

My name is Sinead O’Dea and I am the chaplain here at Wellard primary.

This is my second year as chaplain here at Wellard and I am VERY excited to be back at our amazing school.

For those students who do not know me, I am happy to share a few fun facts:

  • I have a dog called Bonnie
  • My favourite colour is yellow
  • When I am not at Wellard I like going to the beach
  • My AFL team is the Dockers

What is a chaplain? A chaplain is a safe adult that students can talk to about what is happening in their life, and provide help for them and families.

If you have any concerns for your child, please speak with their class teacher to see what support the school can offer to best help your child.

Today I wanted to invite all parents and students to join us in supporting Safer Internet Day!

Safer Internet Day is a global event dedicated to creating a safer online world for everyone.

Tuesday 7 February 2023 marks the 20th Safer Internet Day and the world is more connected than ever before, making online safety awareness even more important.

We are joining the eSafety Commissioner to support Safer Internet Day and we encourage you to get involved and Connect. Reflect. Protect.

  • Connect safely and with purpose – by keeping apps and devices secure and using social media in positive ways.
  • Reflect before we act – by taking a moment to consider how what we do and say online may affect others.
  • Protect ourselves and others by taking action – tell family, friends or colleagues about eSafety and visit for advice, support and to report online abuse.

By sharing the Connect. Reflect. Protect. message, we can work towards making every day a Safer Internet Day.

Visit to sign up and learn more.


Kind regards

Sinead O'Dea

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