Behaviour Management


The main purpose of our Behaviour Management System is to encourage students to take responsibility for their behaviour and to accept the consequences of their own actions. To achieve this we have two main components to our plan:

1. A Reward System
2. A Consequence System


REWARD SYSTEM – Whole School Approach

Each child in the school will have a coloured card with a grid system containing 40 squares. This is kept on their desks at all times. Children being observed exhibiting an appropriate behaviour may receive a stamp in a box on their card. When the whole card has been filled, the child visits the deputy principal or principal to receive a further reward. There are 9 cards that need to be completed throughout the year.


CONSEQUENCE SYSTEM – Whole School Approach

The consequence system ensures students, staff and parents are fully aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. In any one day a student can receive up to four consequences before parents are informed. Please note this system restarts with no consequences at the beginning of each day. Each consequence is recorded on a class sheet which is sent to the office every Friday. By doing this we are able to monitor the behaviour of individual students over a period of time and then work closely with the teacher and parents in trying to improve the behaviour of the child.

For further information download the Reward & Consequence System.