Newsletter 2, Term 1, Week 4


Thank you to all parents and carers for being tolerant and patient as we wait for the additional car park and Kiss and Drive to be completed on the western side of the school. This project has been held up as we are waiting for Telstra to move the NBN cabling that runs directly through the proposed carpark.

Please DO NOT drop off or pick up your child by stopping in the middle of the carpark. With the additional number of cars around the school this increases the danger for all pedestrians particularly from those vehicles reversing out of a bay. The Kiss and Drive is on Jaspar Bend so parents can drop off and pick up their child (Yr 1 – 6) in a safe environment.


As we move towards the end of Week 4 our enrolments have settled at 835 students, 75 more enrolments than the beginning of last year.


Yesterday the P&C conducted its Annual General Meeting to fill all office bearing positions for 2023. Thank you and congratulations to the following:

President: Mrs Kelly Mattravers

Vice President: Miss Mel Allegretta

Treasurer: Mr Tony Johns

Secretary: TBA

P&C Executive: Alix Andriani, Sarah Peterson, Tamara Hutt

Our next meeting will be held on Monday 20th March (Week 8) commencing at 1.45pm. The P&C is always looking for new members so please come along, have a cup of coffee and become involved in fundraising at Wellard PS.


Our first assembly (Pink) for the year will be conducted by Miss Foster’s Year 4 class (Rm 15) commencing at 8.50am this Friday 24th February. Rooms 6 (Miss Cahill Yr 3) and 13 (Miss Kearney Yr 3) will perform their assembly (Blue) the following Friday 3rd March.


This year we have dedicated a full-time teacher (Mrs Kayleigh Hart) to the implementation of a Literacy Intervention Program from Pre-primary to Year 6. We are currently assessing every student across the school to identify those students who require the most support in literacy. These students will be withdrawn on a regular basis to access a program which will be delivered by Ms Hart and Mrs Deb De Groot (Ed Assistant). Parents of selected students will be informed of their child’s participation.


Wellard Primary School has appointed a “Teacher Coach” three days a week, whose main aim is to support all teachers in their day-to-day work. There will be an emphasis on supporting new teachers, ensuring they receive the appropriate professional development in the programs we have implemented. Mrs Sarah Le Provost has been appointed to this role and brings a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to this position.


All students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 across Australia in both public and private schools will participate in the NAPLAN tests in Weeks 7 and 8 of this term.  As per last year, students will participate in online testing other than Year 3 Writing which will still be written. NAPLAN has been moved from Term 2 to Term 1 commencing on Wednesday 15th March.

I would like parents and guardians to note that as a school we try to play down the importance of these tests to students. We are conscious of the impact these tests may have on the anxiety levels of some students and for that reason we don’t make a “big deal” about them. The major purpose of NAPLAN is to provide schools, parents and caregivers with information about student performance in relation to nationally-agreed proficiency bands and benchmarks.  The results also allow schools, parents and caregivers to monitor students’ achievements over time. 


At the end of last year, we were unsuccessful in finding a replacement for Mr Dylan Collard. The position has been readvertised, so we are hopeful of finding a Noongar language teacher in Term 1. If we do not, we will then have to choose another language and advertise once again.


The school continues to access funding to employ a School Chaplain, Miss Sinead O’Dea. The school is providing additional funding so that we can provide this service for three days per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Parent permission is obtained from parents prior to students accessing the Chaplain.


The school has also provided additional funding to increase our School Psych time to three days a week. Mrs Keelley Bradshaw works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Referrals to the School Psych are done through the class teacher.


Students in all public primary schools have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons for two weeks of the school year. These lessons are very valuable and provide students with the opportunity to become competent swimmers over time. I strongly recommend that all students participate so they have increased confidence around water and are able to help themselves (and others) if they get into difficulty. It is well known that children who do not learn to swim as a child do not take the time to learn as an adult. Having your children learn to swim as a child is doing them a favour for later in life. Students from Wellard (PP – Yr 6) will be participating in swimming lessons in Weeks 1 & 2 (Group 1) and Weeks 9 & 10 (Group 2) of Term 2.


I want to make parents aware that we have a bike rack behind the Kindergarten and Pre-primary area where younger students can place their bikes or scooters. The entry is in between the oval and the early childhood area. The external gate is locked early in the day but I do suggest you lock up your child’s bike or scooter to ensure no one is able to remove it.


We have a wonderful program in place where adults throughout Wellard PS listen to children read before school. This begins after children unpack their bags and organise themselves for the day. The program begins around 8.35am and concludes at 8.50am at siren time. I strongly encourage parents to have their children at school by this time so they have the opportunity to participate. When we listen to students read we focus on fluency, accuracy, expression and comprehension. Over the years I have seen children develop in confidence and gain real interest in reading for enjoyment. This becomes noticeable as children move through the grades into upper primary. A child who accesses this reading time will experience approximately an extra 12 hours of reading time a term which equates to 48 hours over the year. A Year 6 student leaving our school after completing all years of school at Wellard will have had the opportunity to read for a maximum of 336 hours (51.6 school days of reading)!!


Over the next few weeks our pre-primary students will be doing the On-entry Assessment Program. Conducting this assessment early in the year ensures that the teachers have information about the current skills and understandings of each child to assist in the planning and delivery of targeted learning programs that address the needs of each individual, especially those who may require early intervention or extension. The assessment period is during Weeks 3 – 6 of Term One.


Parents are asked to ensure that students come to school with all of the stationery items as per the booklist.  If students do not have the appropriate items they are at a disadvantage and become anxious because everyone else has the right equipment and they don’t.


As Monday 6th March is a Public Holiday, students do not come to school. Labour Day, also known as Eight Hours Day in Tasmania and May Day in the Northern Territory, commemorates the granting of the eight-hour working day for Australians. It also recognizes workers’ contributions towards the nation’s economy. It is an annual public holiday and its date varies across the states and territories. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!


It is great to see all of our students wearing the school uniform to school. Parents are reminded they need to purchase the school jacket prior to the arrival of the cold weather. Hats are now available to be purchased online. ALL students are expected to wear the school hat with the emblem.


The Crunch & Sip program is an easy way to help kids stay healthy and happy! Crunch & Sip is a set break to eat fresh fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom. Students re-fuel with fresh fruit or vegetables during the morning or afternoon, assisting physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom. This gives kids a chance to refuel, a bit like putting petrol in a car. Each day students bring fresh fruit or salad vegetables to school to eat in the classroom at a set time. Each child has a small clear bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Through Crunch & Sip, schools demonstrate their commitment to nutrition education in the classroom, by making links with the curriculum and creating a supportive school environment. The Crunch & Sip break gives children the opportunity to eat the piece of fresh fruit that might otherwise be left in their lunchbox or not be eaten at all.


Payment of Voluntary Contributions is now due. Funds raised through these contributions are used to purchase resources etc. to complement the educational programs we run throughout the school. Thank you to those families who have already paid their contributions. As a school we are always conscious of the costs we seek from parents in relation to educational activities.

Kindergarten – Year 6 - $60 per child per year.

Our preferred way of payment is by using our Qkr App, please see attached PDF for details. 

School contributions can also be paid at the office or by direct deposit

Account Name: Wellard Primary School

BSB: 066 040    Account Number 19901412

(Please use the student’s surname as reference)




As it is the start of the school year, I urge you all to talk to your child or children about walking safely to and from school. Following are some suggestions to help your child/children stay safe.  Please ask your child to:

  • Always travel in company
  • Walk on the right hand side of the road so you face oncoming traffic
  • Wherever possible, leave space between yourself and the roadway
  • Stay in areas that are well lit
  • Stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden from view (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres) and plan trips to avoid such locations
  • Be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably
  • If you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number
  • If a passing car stops nearby never get too close
  • Do not hesitate to run from a situation in which you feel at risk
  • Provide this advice to brothers and sisters, especially if younger
  • Report suspicious behaviour to parents, school and the police, noting number plates of cars and/or clothing or distinguishing features of individuals.

Remember to call 131 444 or the local station to report an incident to police or 1800 333 000 to reach crime stoppers. Only call 000 in case of an emergency.

Geoff Miller




This time of year can also put a PINCH on the family budget. The cost for most basic needs has gone up, interest rate rises and much more. It is very normal for families to struggle financially and emotionally during these times.

The good news is that there is a lot of support available for families in the Wellard/ Kwinana Area. We would love to encourage you to reach out to the school or your child’s class teacher to see how we can be supporting your family and have a better idea of what your child might be going through.

Emergency Food Hampers: If your family is struggling and needing food assistance  you can visit any of the below

MCCO Kwinana

  • Wednesday to Friday 10:30am – 2:30pm
  • 18 Maydwell Way, Calista WA 6167
  • 9419 2202
  • Also provides basic clothing and referral to other support

The King’s Community Care

  • Wednesdays 10:00am – 1:00AM
  • 170 Bertram Rd, Wellard 6170
  • 9411 4111 (phone and leave a message out of hours)

The Salvation Army Kwinana Corps

  • Fridays 9.00am-12:00pm
  • 55 Medina avenue, Medina WA 6167
  • 08 9439 1585 for more details

Kind regards

Sinead O'Dea


Ahoy, me hearties


WHEN:     March 15 – 20

    (Wed – Mon)

TIME:       8.15am – 3.45pm

WHERE:   Library


A percentage of sales is given back to the school as commission, which is then used to purchase new books for our library and resources for our school.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! Remember, all purchases benefit our school.

You’re invited to our


The theme of our Scholastic Book Fair is Dino-Mite, where we hope you will Stomp, Chomp, and Read! It’s a fun reading event that brings the books kids want to read right into our school. There is a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. We would love for you to visit our Book Fair and be involved in shaping your child’s reading habits