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Welcome to our school

Nestled amongst new building estates, the school offers its diverse community a state-of-the-art educational facility that promotes a range of whole school teaching programs to support all students in their academic, social and emotional development. 

We want students to explore their learning so they understand how they learn best and to have the opportunity to be scientists, athletes, mathematicians, artists, writers, musicians and environmentalists. We want Wellard students to be resilient, literate, numerate, and curious learners.

Developing and maintaining positive relationships amongst all school community members is central to achieving a successful school. I encourage all parents and carers to become actively involved in Wellard Primary School so that together, we can build a wonderful place for all children and their families. 








Free Dress Day

FREE DRESS DAY - Gold coin donation Year 6 Graduation activity fundraiser

House Carnival Jumps & Throws

Kindergarten enrollments for 2022