Health & Phys Ed

Wellard Primary is committed to providing a high quality Physical Education program. Mr Paparone and Mr McIntyre teach all students from Year 1 – 6 and have a high focus on fitness, ball skills and gameplay. Each student will receive two Physical Education lessons per week whilst Year 5 and 6 students will receive an additional Senior Sport lesson. Each year students will experience various sports including AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball, T-Ball and Athletics. At Wellard Primary, we place a high value on self improvement and provide students various opportunities to improve on their own abilities. We do this by providing students with personalised information and recording of progress. This allows both the teacher and the student to reflect on personal goals, so that further progress can be made.

Students have the opportunity to participate in numerous events such as Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals, preparation will take place over the months leading up to these events. Students are invited to attend numerous Interschool events, such as Cricket Carnivals, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals throughout the year. Since opening in 2018, Wellard PS has made steady progress and provides quality opposition to surrounding schools.

Wellard Primary is also known for its soccer program. Each year a team of boys and girls will train for months and then compete at the Champions Cup Soccer Carnival.

Overall, Wellard Primary is constantly striving to provide the best Physical Education program possible. In conjunction with working with student achievement and the desire to always improve, Wellard Primary is a great place for Physical Education.