Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 2 December 2020


As the school year draws to a close, it is the appropriate time to reflect on our very different journey throughout 2020. I am very proud of our achievements as we continue to work hard in lifting the profile of our school so that our reputation of providing a high quality educational program is realized. I want parents to be proud of our school and to make Wellard Primary their school of choice.

This year we have progressed as a school, albeit within a pandemic environment. All school community members have been brilliant in working together in providing the best possible outcomes for students.  However, although we have achieved much, it must be said that COVID-19 placed severe restrictions on the day to day operations of our school some of which are outlined below.

  • Wellard PS has completed its third year as an Independent Public Primary School with an enrolment of 624 students from K – Yr 6.
  • Many students were kept home towards the end of Term 1 and into Term 2 due to COVID-19.
  • Assemblies have not been conducted since Term One of this year due to the requirement of social distancing.
  • Parents and carers were not only unable to enter classrooms but also were not permitted to enter the school grounds for a number of weeks.
  • The Open Night in Term Three was an outstanding success and did provide an opportunity for parents to enter classrooms.
  • Swimming Lessons were cancelled after one week.
  • Celebration of Harmony Day and the ANZAC Ceremony did not happen.
  • Student Reports, sent home at the end of Semester One, contained no grades.
  • Wellard Staff conducted a pickup service for families to drive through and collect a work package for their child.
  • Students participated in a range of educational activities including various interschool sporting events, clinics, NAIDOC celebrations and excursions.
  • Kindergarten and Pre-primary starting and finishing times were changed to reduce social gathering and to reduce traffic congestion.
  • The appointment of a Supervised Traffic Warden on Breccia Parade has made it safer for families to cross this street.
  • The installation of a Kiss and Drive on Jaspar Bend has reduced the traffic congestion through the carpark.
  • Our canteen opened in Term Four for four days a week and is being well patronised.
  • The ongoing development of our Bush Tucker Garden has seen it grow in size.
  • The formation of a committee, to develop our Reconciliation Action Plan has been implemented and is progressing well.
  • The installation of a new playground thanks to the financial support of The P&C.

I would like to thank and acknowledge the P&C members for their contribution to Wellard PS in 2020. I would also like to thank parents and community members who helped out in many other ways.  It is great to see new faces being involved in the P&C and I am looking forward to working with you next year. I would like to make special mention of Mrs Kylie Munro and Mrs Bessie Leslie (P&C Presidents) for the leadership they have demonstrated within the school community.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the wonderful staff of Wellard Primary School. This year has been very difficult for all staff as the goal posts were moved on a regular basis at a professional and personal level. As a school, we prided ourselves on our thorough planning and preparation in providing the best possible opportunities for our students and school community. This was all brought undone by COVID-19 and we found ourselves working in a school with virtually no students. All that we planned was scrapped and we had to adapt very quickly to this new world to ensure the learning of our students was not greatly impacted upon. It was quite surreal for us to be working whilst most other members of the community were at home. The staff were challenged by this situation, and to their credit, they bounced back and worked very hard collaboratively to do the very best they could. The development and pickup of the work packages were a highlight with the staff very much enjoying seeing the students. I cannot praise the Wellard staff higher enough for their professionalism and commitment in doing their very best for students and their families. I thank them and acknowledge them for this and I know my sentiments are shared by the wider school community. Thank you Wellard staff.


At the end of each year we have a number of staff who move on to different roles or positions throughout the system.  I would like to thank and acknowledge the following staff for their contribution to the education of students at Wellard Primary School over the last year.

  • Mr Lance Gunn: Mr Gunn who has taught Year Five this year, has been successful in winning a position at Coodanup College for 2021.
  • Mrs Pam Hilliard has been the Year Six teacher in Room 17 sharing with Mrs Protzman.
  • Ms Kerene Knight has taught Year Three and contributed significantly to our Interschool Athletics Training squad.
  • Mrs Tamar Cohen has been our School Psychologist and will be taking parental leave for most of 2021.

I would sincerely like to thank each of these staff members for their contribution to our school. They have displayed high levels of professionalism and dedication to improving the educational outcomes of all students. On behalf of the school community I would like to wish them all the best for the future and hope they leave our school with very fond memories.


I would like to welcome Ms Kellie Meheux who has been recently appointed as an additional School Officer in our front office. It is great to have her aboard so that we can continue to provide an efficient service to our school community.


Every year the School Board conducts an Open Meeting whereby members of the school community have the opportunity to attend and gain some understanding of the functions of the Board. Our next School Board Meeting will occur on Wednesday 9th December (Week 9) commencing at 9am in the Admin Conference Room. The School Board consists of Sarah Hamilton, Emma Castle, Tegan Maitland, Angela Whisson (Board Chair), Jess Gibson, Rebecca Lanzel and Geoff Miller.  If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact the office so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Please see any of the above members if you have any issues you would like discussed.


Booklists for 2021 were distributed on Friday 20th November via email and connect. Parents wanting to pick up their Booklist items from school (Friday 29th January 12.30pm – 1.30pm) need to return their order to Wellard PS by Tuesday 8th December. Parents wanting their booklist items sent to their home/business address (small delivery fee) need to order online by Friday 18th December. Please see the information sent home for more details about the ordering process.


Wellard Primary School greatly appreciates receiving second-hand uniforms from families who are leaving the school.  Uniforms can be left at the office.  These donations make it possible for other students to wear uniform to school.


A reminder to parents that our Year 6 Graduation Ceremony will occur at 8.50am on Wednesday 16th December in the Assembly Area.  This event will be conducted under Covid-19 restrictions.


Student reports will be available on Connect on Monday 14th December (Pre-primary to Yr 6). Kindergarten students will receive a printed report.  Parents are most welcome to organise a teacher interview in the last week of term.


The school is still working on class structures for next year due to the ongoing number of enrolments we are receiving. Class lists will be placed on the administration notice board as of Thursday 28th January. Please note the office does not open for the school year until Monday 25th January.


Parents are reminded that students finish the school year on Thursday 17th December.


Geoff Miller




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