Newsletter Term 3; Week 2; 29 July 2020


Welcome back to Term Three! Thank you to all members of the school community for the very smooth start to the term. It is great to see everyone back for what is going to be a very busy term. The restrictions of Covid-19 continue to impact on our school community in that parents are unable to enter classrooms and we are not permitted to conduct school assemblies due to social distancing. We still have extra cleaning happening throughout the day across the school. This aside, all other aspects of our school are back to normal.


Wellard P&C is in crisis!! Currently Wellard Primary School does not have a registered P&C as we have not been able to fill the office bearing positions of Vice President and Treasurer along with members for the fundraising and canteen committees. As a consequence of this we are unable to:

• Make decisions at P&C Meetings

• Open the Canteen

• Expend funds on the new playground.

• Purchase any resources that will add value to what is offered at Wellard PS

• Conduct any fundraising activities

The P&C has a significant amount of money that cannot be expended unless a P&C is formed. We are changing the time of our next meeting in an attempt to attract more members so that we can re-establish our P&C. Our next P&C Meeting will be conducted on Wednesday 5th August between at 1.45 – 2.45pm in our staff room. Being involved in the P&C does not mean you have to contribute a significant amount of time.

Being involved presents you with a great opportunity to meet others, become more aware of what is happening in the school and to give as much time as you want to P&C matters. We are very keen to listen to any suggestions or changes from community members that we can implement to increase the involvement of parents and carers. This can be done by emailing me as per my email address at the end of this newsletter or speaking with me when I am on duty before and after school.


Parents and guardians are reminded that we have a School Development Day on Monday 17th August (Week 5). Students DO NOT come to school this day as staff will be involved in professional learning.


I would like to remind all of our families that it is mandatory for all students to wear the correct uniform upon enrolling at Wellard PS. This includes:

• Wellard Polo Shirt

• Wellard Hat

• Wellard Jacket

• Long sleeve black undershirt

• Black shorts/skorts/tracksuit pants

Parents are asked to write their child’s name on all uniform items, particularly zip up jackets. With the cold mornings and (some) sunny days, students are leaving their jackets in all areas of the school. Having their name on it ensures they are promptly returned to the child concerned. I also suggest students leave their hat at school to prevent them from leaving them at home. They can still take them home every few weeks for a wash.


Mrs Emma Castle, a parent and School Board Member, successfully nominated our school last week to receive a copy of “Essential Aboriginal Insights – A Guide for Anyone Involved in Closing Gaps in Australia” written by Jolleen Hicks. We have placed this resource in the library for staff to access. The school would like to thank Mrs Castle for nominating our school to receive this resource.

As a school, we are about to embark on a journey writing Wellard Primary School’s Reconciliation Action Plan. A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a formal statement of commitment to promoting reconciliation between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The RAP demonstrates to the community that Wellard Primary School is forward thinking about reconciliation and committed to making positive changes. We have established a RAP Working Group which is made up of parents, community members and staff. We look forward to sharing our work with you in the coming months.


The school is currently working very closely with the City of Kwinana and The Department of Education in establishing a “Kiss and Go” on Jasper Bend. This is a designated drop off and pick up zone where parents remain in the vehicle when dropping off and picking up students. This will hopefully further alleviate the traffic congestion we have before and after school. It is anticipated that it will be in place in the next three to four months due to the process we need to follow.


The tragic accident that occurred in Mandurah last week is a timely reminder for the school community about road safety. The research indicates that a child under the age of 10 years of age does not have the brain development to judge distances when crossing roads and therefore should not be walking or riding to school unaccompanied. It is also a risk for children 10 years and over to be responsible for younger children who are walking/riding with them. All children riding to school (includes scooters) need to wear helmets – this is the law and should be adhered to as it will increase their level of safety. Please support your child by insisting they wear a helmet.


Being punctual is an important attribute that we all require through life. I am asking parents to make every effort to get your child (Yr 1 – 6) to school at 8.30am and certainly before 8.45am. The first siren goes at 8.50am. Kindergarten and Pre-primary students should be at school by 8.25am.

I do understand that families are very busy and that it can be very difficult to get some children organised for school. However, being late to school results in the following:

• Students think that it is okay to be late. This has implications for high school.

• Students miss out on the Before School Reading Program.

• Teachers have to repeat their instructions as late students wander in.

• The learning program of other students is interrupted.

• The Attendance Register has to be re-entered. • Office staff are interrupted to process late students.

• Some students are very anxious about being late which impacts on their ability to learn.

• Students do not have time to organise themselves for the day.

As you can see, the implications for your child are significant when they are late to school regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you need support to get your child to school on time.

• Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-primary students must obtain a “Late Note” from the office if their child arrives at school after 8.35am.

• All students (Yr 1 – 6) who arrive after 8.50am must obtain a “Late Note” from the office before attending class.


Last term all Kindergarten parents received a form to complete in regards to enrolling their child for Pre-primary for 2021. It is most important these forms are completed and submitted by Friday 14th August. Please contact the office if you have any queries.


Thank you to those parents who submitted their child’s Kindergarten Application for Enrolment for 2021. Please note these closed on Friday of last week.

We will be confirming the enrolment of students once we have finalised the immunisation records of all Kindergarten students. When enrolment is confirmed we will also ask parents for their preference of days. This will all be explained in the correspondence. Please note that we will not be confirming the exact days that Kindergarten children will be attending until early Term 4. This is because we would like to organise for parents and their child/ren to visit the Kindergarten before we make any decision about grouping students. The school is very aware that parents need to attend to childcare arrangements in planning for 2021.

We look forward to meeting Kindergarten families and developing a close relationship as your child progresses through Wellard Primary School. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any queries.


Selected students from Years 3 – 6 will be participating in the Interschool Cross Country Oval at Thomas Oval, Medina on Friday 14th August. Mr Paparone has already sent home letters to those students who are participating. I wish them all the best and have no doubt they will represent Wellard PS with the highest level of pride and sportsmanship. A big thank you to Mr Paparone for organising! Good luck everyone.


Parents and guardians are reminded not to bring their dog onto school grounds (includes car park) at any time. Whilst your dog might be very friendly and affectionate, circumstances may occur where children are placed in a position of discomfort and/or danger due to the presence of your pet.


Merit Certificates will be presented to students on Friday morning. Photographs of students receiving certificates will be emailed to parents.


A reminder to all parents, that corresponding with staff using email is a very effective strategy in communicating with the school. All staff have email addresses making it easier to explain absences, request an interview or clarify questions about homework etc. Please seek the email address of your child’s teacher through the front office.

Have a great term everyone!!

Geoff Miller Principal