Newsletter 5; Term 2; Week 2 27 April 2021



Once again we find ourselves in the midst of another COVID-19 outbreak resulting in a three-day lockdown over the long weekend. This requires Wellard PS to implement a range of restrictions to align with Government requirements until Saturday 1st May at 12:01am. These are as follows:

  • Parents/Carers are allowed on site to drop off and pick up students. Please do this and then immediately leave the school grounds.
  • Masks are required to be worn by all adults and secondary students when entering the grounds.
  • Teaching staff are permitted to remove their mask while teaching.
  • Primary Students are not required to wear a mask.
  • Only staff and students are able to attend Assemblies.

I will endeavour to keep the school community informed about school organisation matters as they evolve. Please ensure you are able to access Connect as this will be our main mode of communication. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


As parents are not able to attend assemblies we have cancelled the assembly for this Friday in the hope that we can reschedule it in the near future. I know that parents highly value these opportunities and we will, where possible, make changes to maximise parent involvement.


I am very pleased to welcome Mr Dylan Collard who will be delivering Noongar to all students from Years 1 – 6 at Wellard PS. Mr Collard is a Wadjak and Ballardong Noongar man who has lived in many places throughout Noongar boodja (country). He is passionate about learning and sharing his language and culture and ensuring this language, which has been spoken on this land for over 60,000 years, continues to be spoken in the future.  He is a qualified Noongar language teacher, and he has been teaching Noongar for Two Years.  Welcome Mr Collard!!


Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Cammarano on the safe arrival of their son Luca born on the 17th April weighing 3.08kg. All are doing well. I would also like to congratulate Miss Gooden, who has now become Mrs Neidig over the holiday period.


I recently had an in-depth look at the Parent Survey that was administered towards the end of last year. When asked “What can we do better?” there was a common response from parents about being more informed on a regular basis about the progress and achievement of their child. Currently, we send home Student Reports at the end of Semester One and Two and have an Open Night in Term Three so that parents/carers can view their child’s work. On other occasions, teachers organise a meeting with parents in regards to signing Documented Plans or when he/she has a concern about a child. Having 20 plus students in the class, with parents who may have different expectations in regards to reporting, makes it very difficult for the teacher to accommodate everyone’s needs. I encourage ALL parents and carers to organise a meeting with your child’s teacher if you want more information on their progress and achievement. 


Our next P&C Meeting will occur at 1.45pm in the Staffroom on Wednesday 5th May provided current restrictions do not change. We are currently able to have a gathering of 20 adults, something we have not achieved at a P&C Meeting in some time. I would like to acknowledge and thank Mrs Nicole Peart who is resigning from her position as Secretary. Nicole has made a significant contribution to our P&C over the last three years and has been pivotal in organising many of the fundraising activities. Thank you Nicole for your contribution and hopefully you will return in due course. It would be great to see some new faces at our meetings. They are being held at 1.45pm to encourage parents to attend just prior to picking up their children.


Wellard PS is now taking enrolments for Kindergarten for 2022. Enrolments will close on Friday 23rd July (Week 1 Term 3). It is most important that you enrol your Kindergarten child for next year as soon as possible. Please speak with neighbours etc. who you know need to enrol their child. To be eligible for enrolment, students need to be born between 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018. When enrolling your child, you will need to come into the office and provide the following:

  • Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Up to date Immunisation History Statement Record
  • Proof of Address that you reside in our local intake area – preferably a utility bill in your name that is no older than three months.

Please note that students who live within our local intake area will be prioritised for enrolment. Our local intake area can be found within “Schools Online” on the Department of Education’s website.


Students in all public primary schools have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons for two weeks of the school year. These lessons are very valuable and provide students with the opportunity to become competent swimmers over time. I strongly recommend that all students participate so they have increased confidence around water and are able to help themselves (and others) if they get into difficulty. It is well known that children who do not learn to swim as a child do not take the time to learn as an adult. Having your children learn to swim as a child is doing them a favour for later in life.

Students from Wellard (PP – Yr 6) will be participating in swimming lessons in Weeks 6 - 9 of this term. Lessons are not available to Kindergarten students as they only attend 2 or 3 days a week and they are too young to organise themselves. Lessons will take place at the Kwinana Requatic Centre. Students will travel to and from the pool by bus. Please note that we have engaged the services of a bus company that provides seatbelts for the safety of students and staff which does increase the costs slightly. The cost will be $55 per child which includes the cost of the bus as well as pool entry. The lessons are provided at no cost to parents. Information was sent out to parents last week.


All students in Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 across Australia in both public and private schools will participate in the NAPLAN tests in Weeks 4 and 5 of this term.  This year all students will participate in online testing other than Year 3 Writing which will still be written.

I would like parents and guardians to note that as a school we try to play down the importance of these tests to students. We are conscious of the impact these tests may have on the anxiety levels of some students and for that reason we don’t make a “big deal” about them. The major purpose of NAPLAN is to provide schools, parents and caregivers with information about student performance in relation to nationally-agreed proficiency bands and benchmarks.  The results also allow schools, parents and caregivers to monitor students’ achievements over time.  Parents are asked to contact the school to inform us if your child is absent so that we can make arrangements for your child to be tested at another time during that week.  Please note that students can only be tested within the timetabled week.    Please see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


I would like to remind all school community members that the Disabled Parking Bays are only for those vehicles that have ACROD stickers. Please, DO NOT park in these bays at any time unless your vehicle is stickered accordingly.


Regular attendance is essential to all students making progress over time. Students who attend less than 90% (miss 5+ days a term) are deemed to be at educational risk. This means a child is at risk of not reaching their potential as significant gaps will start to appear in their learning. Obviously absences cannot be avoided if a student falls ill but I ask all parents to consider the ramifications of frequent absences or those absences associated with long periods of time. Every minute of every day matters!


I would like to commend all students on their excellent behaviour in Term One; it is great to see we have so many responsible students. I would like to reiterate the school does not and will not tolerate bullying in any form.  It is vital that the school works in close partnership with parents and carers in ensuring that all students are able to attend school in a friendly caring and nurturing environment.  I encourage ALL parents and carers to contact the school immediately if you believe your child is being bullied. It is preferable that your child speaks with a staff member immediately after the incident so we can deal with the situation very quickly at school.


Payment of Voluntary Contributions is now due. Funds raised through these contributions are used to purchase resources etc. to complement the educational programs we run throughout the school.

Thank you to those families who have already paid their contributions. As a school we are always conscious of the costs we seek from parents in relation to educational activities.

Kindergarten – Year 6 - $60 per child per year.

Our preferred way of payment is by using our Qkr App, please see attached PDF for details.

School contributions can also be paid at the office or

by direct deposit.

Account Name: Wellard Primary School

(Please use the student’s surname as reference)

BSB: 066 040    Account Number 19901412





As part of our Crunch and Sip program, students are permitted to have a water bottle on their desk.  It is most important these water bottles are cleaned on a regular basis.  This can be done by using dishwashing soap and hot water or the bottle can be sanitised by using a dilute bleach solution of 1 teaspoon bleach and 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 quart of water.  Allow the solution to sit in the bottle overnight, then thoroughly rinse and dry the bottle before using it again.


As it is the beginning of the Term, I urge you all to talk to your child or children about walking safely to and from school. Following are some suggestions to help your child/children stay safe.  Please ask your child to:

•      Always travel in company

•      Walk on the right hand side of the road so you face oncoming traffic

•      Wherever possible, leave space between yourself and the roadway

•      Stay in areas that are well lit

•      Stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden from view (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres) and plan trips to avoid such locations

•      Be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably

•      If you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number

•      If a passing car stops nearby never get too close

•      Do not hesitate to run from a situation in which you feel at risk

•      Provide this advice to brothers and sisters, especially if younger

  • Report suspicious behaviour to parents, school and the police, noting number plates of cars and/or clothing or distinguishing features of individuals.

Remember to call 131 444 or the local station to report an incident to police or 1800 333 000 to reach crime stoppers. Only call 000 in case of an emergency.


Please refer to our school website ( for the Term Planner and noticeboard. I find Google Chrome works better that Internet Explorer when accessing the site. By clicking on the “CALENDAR” you will be able to access the planner and then click on the event (in most events) for more information.


Our ANZAC Ceremony was conducted last Friday 23rd April and was well attended by parents and carers.  I would like to thank Mrs Gibson on doing such a wonderful job in organising this event as well as Ms Makanza in organising the choir and the bugler. A big thank you to the Rawiri-Tau family on performing the Haka.

Have a great term everyone!!

Geoff Miller



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