Newsletter 11, Term 3, Week 2, 26 July 2022


Welcome back everyone to a very cold and wet Term 3!!  We have much ahead of us including athletics carnivals, music events, Book Fair and Open Night. You can keep yourself informed through the newsletter or the calendar that appears on our website. Open Night will be occurring on Tuesday 20th September (Week 10) from 4 – 6pm. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers to come into the school so that your child can share their wonderful learning with you. I encourage all parents to keep in touch with your child’s teacher particularly if you have any concerns about their learning.

Unfortunately, it appears this term is again going to be interrupted due to the presence of new strains of COVID-19 within our community. I sent home a letter last week through Connect outlining the advice from the Department of Education. It appears the government has moved from an approach of mandating changes to one where individuals are responsible for their own actions. I ask that you read the letter very carefully and then take the appropriate action.


Families will soon be able to access a further 20 free Rapid Antigen Tests per student. Information will be coming home in the near future on how these RATs are to be distributed once we have received them. Please note we are not permitted to send the RATs home with primary school aged children. Do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any queries.


On Friday 5th August I have organised a meeting of interested parents who would like to discuss how our P&C will function moving forward. This is not a formal meeting but an opportunity for all of us to share our ideas about the structure and function of our P&C.

Currently we are really struggling in forming a P&C and I really want to hear from parents about how we can turn this around. No one will be elected to any positions or be asked to take on any roles as this has to occur at a formal meeting. The meeting is planned between 1.45pm – 2.40pm in the Staff Room. This will allow parents to attend this gathering prior to picking up their children at the end of the day. Parents are welcome to bring along younger siblings. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.


Last term, all Kindergarten parents received a form to complete in regards to enrolling their child for Pre-primary for 2023. It is most important these forms are completed and submitted by Friday 23rd September. Please contact the office if you have any queries.


Thank you to those parents who submitted their child’s Kindergarten Application for Enrolment for 2023. We’ve had a number of parents who have taken enrolment forms and are yet to return them. It is most important these are submitted as soon as possible so that we can begin our planning for next year. When enrolment is confirmed we will also ask parents for their preference of days. This will all be explained in the correspondence.  Please note that we will not be confirming the exact days that Kindergarten children will be attending until early Term 4. This is because we would like to organise for parents and their child/ren to visit the Kindergarten before we make any decision about grouping students. The school is very aware that parents need to attend to childcare arrangements in planning for 2023.


Hopefully many of our school community has observed the sustainability garden area being developed behind the canteen. Last term we had a fence erected around this area and over the school holidays the grass was removed in preparation for the next stage. I would like to thank both Jay and Chelsea Oldfield for giving up their time over the holiday period and volunteering to remove the grass from this area. Such generosity is greatly appreciated and will ensure our sustainable garden will be happening sooner rather than later.


We are very fortunate to have appointed Mrs Kylea Singleton as our Science Specialist teacher at Wellard PS. Mrs Singleton will be organising a range of activities for Science Week which will be occurring in Week 5. (16th – 19th August)


Parents and guardians are reminded that we have a School Development Day on Monday 15th August (Week 5). Students DO NOT come to school this day as staff will be involved in professional learning.


Our next assembly will be conducted by Mrs Cahill’s Yr 3 class (Rm 6) on Friday 5th August (Week 3) commencing at 8.50am in the Assembly Area. Mr Simmon’s Year 5 class (Rm 18) will conduct their assembly on Friday 12th August (Week 4).


On Friday 29th July we have a number of students who will be representing Wellard Primary School at the Champions Soccer Carnival which will be held at Beale Park in Spearwood. I would like to wish them all the best and thank Mr Paparone and Mr McIntyre for spending a great deal of their own time in preparing students for this carnival. Good luck!!


Selected students from Years 3 – 6 will be participating in the Interschool Cross Country Oval at Thomas Oval, Medina on Friday 5th August. Mr Paparone has already sent home letters to those students who are participating. I wish them all the best and have no doubt they will represent Wellard PS with the highest level of pride and sportsmanship. A big thank you to Mr Paparone and Mr McIntyre for organising! Good luck everyone.


Payment of Voluntary Contributions is now due. Funds raised through these contributions are used to purchase resources etc. to complement the educational programs we run throughout the school. Thank you to those families who have already paid their contributions. As a school we are always conscious of the costs we seek from parents in relation to educational activities.

Kindergarten – Year 6 - $60 per child per year.


Our preferred way of payment is by using our Qkr App, please see attached PDF for details.


School contributions can also be paid at the office or by direct deposit

Account Name: Wellard Primary School

(Please use the student’s surname as reference)

BSB: 066 040    Account Number 19901412


Parents and guardians are reminded not to bring their dog onto school grounds (includes car park) at any time. Whilst your dog might be very friendly and affectionate, circumstances may occur where children are placed in a position of discomfort and/or danger due to the presence of your pet.


A reminder to all parents, that corresponding with staff using email is a very effective strategy in communicating with the school.  All staff have email addresses making it easier to explain absences, request an interview or clarify questions about homework etc.  Please seek the email address of your child’s teacher through the front office.


As it is the beginning of the Term, I urge you all to talk to your child or children about walking safely to and from school. Following are some suggestions to help your child/children stay safe.  Please ask your child to:

•           Always travel in company

•           Walk on the right hand side of the road so you face oncoming traffic

•           Wherever possible, leave space between yourself and the roadway

•           Stay in areas that are well lit

•           Stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden from view (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres) and plan trips              to avoid such locations

•           Be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably

•           If you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number

•           If a passing car stops nearby never get too close

•           Do not hesitate to run from a situation in which you feel at risk

•           Provide this advice to brothers and sisters, especially if younger

•          Report suspicious behaviour to parents, school and the police, noting number plates of cars and/or clothing or distinguishing                        features of individuals.

Remember to call 131 444 or the local station to report an incident to police or 1800 333 000 to reach crime stoppers. Only call 000 in case of an emergency.


Please refer to our school website ( for the Term Planner and noticeboard. I find Google Chrome works better that Internet Explorer when accessing the site. By clicking on the “CALENDAR” you will be able to access the planner and then click on the event (in most events) for more information.

Kind regards

Geoff Miller



Term 3 is a busy time for Physical Education.

Selected students will represent Wellard Primary School in the Boys Soccer Interschool Carnival this Friday, 29th July, at Beale Park, Spearwood.

The top 4 place winners from the Wellard Primary School Cross Country event will represent the school in the Interschool Cross Country at Thomas Oval, on Friday, 5th August.

In Week 5, a number of students from our Year 5 and Year 6 classes will participate in the KSSA Winter Lightning Carnival on Thursday, 18th August. These students will compete in four sports – AFL, hockey, netball, and Soccer against other local schools. This will take place at Peter Carnley for the netball, and Thomas Oval for all other sports.


This year’s House events will be split over two terms. Week 9 of Term 3 will be for the individual events. On Thursday, 15th September, the students will compete in jumps (Long Jump for Years 1 to 6, Triple Jump for Years 4 to 6), throws (Vortex for Years 1 to 3, Turbo Javelin, and Shot Put for Years 4 to 6) and the 400 metres (all years).

On Friday, 16th September, the students will compete in the 200 metres (all years) and 800 metres (Years 4 to 6). It is important to note that, apart from the 400 metres and 800 metres, all of these events are selection events as only 4 representatives from each House can participate in the throwing and jumps events, and only 2 representatives from each House can participate in the 200 metres. Selection trials for these events will take place this term during Physical Education lessons.

The House Carnival will take place on Wednesday, 12th October (Term 4 Week 1). The House Carnival will be split into Tabloid events, and the traditional age races, relays, and team events. All students will participate in an age race, at least one team game and all tabloid events. Selection for all Interschool Athletics events will come from place getters in the individual events on the day that the event takes place.

The combined Kindergarten/Pre Primary sports carnival will be on the morning of Friday, 16th September.

Kind regards,

David McIntyre and Matthew Paparone.

Physical Education Specialists


Bottlecaps needed!!

Please start collecting and bringing in any coloured plastic bottle caps to the Art room. (milk bottles, soft drinks etc)

These are going to be used in a Collaborative Art Project very soon… Stay tuned for more details!


Mrs Rochelle Protzman

Visual Arts Teacher






Protective Behaviours is taught to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 for two weeks per term. This term, students will be learning about public and private body parts and personal space. Below are a few topics that your child may come home and want to discuss:  

  • Public and Private body parts  
  • Who is allowed to touch their body parts  
  • Safe touching - there are many different types of touch and learn to recognise whether a touch is safe or unsafe and unwanted.  
  • Encourage your child that it is okay to say ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ if they feel uncomfortable or confused about a touch. 
  • Personal Space- personal space is an imaginary region around a person’s body that is considered to be their own. 


Our current whole school BOB (Bounce on Back) focus is ‘Being Organised’. Being organised at school means you are on time, you have your belongings in their place and your desk is neat and tidy ready for learning. 


Laura Heuer 

Year 6 Teacher


Term 2 Week 10  Pink Assembly



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